Terms of Use

This website (this “Website”) is established, managed and operated in Japan by TOHO CO., LTD. (“TOHO”). Please read the following terms of use (this “Terms of Use”) carefully before using this Website. Your use of this Website shall be deemed to confirm your unconditional agreement to this Terms of Use. This Terms of Use may be amended without prior notice.

1. Intellectual Property Rights and Use of the Property on this Website

  1. Copyrights
    The copyrights of all the texts (including, but not limited to, synopses of films or characters), music, illustrations, videos, pictures, programs and other copyrighted properties on this Website shall be owned by TOHO or other third party(ies). The use of such copyrighted properties by duplicating or by public transmitting (including, in the case of automatic public transmission, making it transmittable), in whole or in part, without permissions from TOHO or the copyright holders, is the infringement of copyright thereof, except as expressly permitted in writing by TOHO or respective copyright holders, or expressly permitted by Copyright Act.
  2. Trademarks
    The product names, corporate names, character names, logos or any other forms of intellectual properties used on this Website shall be the trademarks or registered trademarks of TOHO or other third parties.

2. Responsibilities in the Operation of this Website

  1. Accuracy of Information
    While TOHO checks and verifies the information on this Website with due care and attention, TOHO shall not be responsible for its accuracy, usability, reasonability, compatibility or any other nature thereof (collectively, the “Accuracy”).
  2. Information of the Linked Websites
    TOHO shall not be responsible for the Accuracy of the information on the websites which are linked to this Website. The responsibilities for any problems arising out of or relating to the contents of the linked websites shall not lie on TOHO but on the administrators of such website.
  3. Communication and/or Connection Costs
    TOHO shall not be liable for any costs for Internet communication and/or connection to use this Website.
  4. System Failures
    This Website may be, from time to time, unavailable or the access may be restricted due to system maintenance, system failures, power failures, fire, Acts of God or any other technical, non-technical and/or operational reasons. It is expressly agreed that TOHO shall not be responsible for any damages or losses of the users caused by above reason(s).

3. Other Disclaimers

  1. Disclaimers of Computer Malfunction
    TOHO shall not be responsible for any of the malfunction of the users’ computers and/or systems, including, but not limited to, virus infections, tamperings, errors, defections or any other damages caused as a result of using this Website, nor shall be responsible for any problems and/or damage caused by using the materials from this Website.
  2. Disclaimers about the Information Provided by Third Parties
    This Website contains information provided by third parties for the purpose of users’ convenience, and TOHO shall not be responsible for the Accuracy of any of the contents.

4. Links to this Website

  1. Linking Policy
    Any parties, including, but not limited to, companies, organizations and individuals may link this Website; provided, however, that linking from the following websites shall be strictly prohibited:
    1. websites using the link for commercial purposes (unless otherwise permitted by TOHO);
    2. websites providing contents contrary to public order and morals, such as obscene contents;
    3. websites including contents defamatory to TOHO, Godzilla brand, parties related to TOHO and/or particular individuals;
    4. websites that may impair the social credit and images of TOHO’s films (including, but not limited to, the series of Godzilla films), stage productions and other business; and/or
    5. websites that may or are involved in illegal distribution and/or other illegal activities.

  2. Linking Form
    It is strictly prohibited to post links which modify the original design of this Website. In addition, in the case links are posted to the lower directory of the top page of this Website (https://godzilla.com/), TOHO shall have the sole discretion to change the URL without prior notice.
  3. Link Deletion
    TOHO shall have the right to request to delete the links that lead to any of the websites listed (1) hereinabove and/or other websites which TOHO regards inappropriate. If required, the administrator thereof shall be obliged to accept such request without any objection.
  4. No Special Relationship
    The linking on this Website does not signify an alliance or any special relationships between TOHO (including Godzilla brand) and the administrator of the linked website. It also does not signify that TOHO recommends the companies, organizations, individuals or the products and/or services on the linked websites.

5. Submissions and Unsolicited Ideas Policies

Except as otherwise requested by TOHO, it is TOHO’s policy not to accept or consider unsolicited submissions of projects which may include, without limitation, suggestions of idea, concept, story, script and character design. TOHO shall not review or further handle such submissions, nor shall return the same in any manner whatsoever.

6. Miscellaneous

  1. Supported Browsers
    This Website supports the following desktop browsers and versions:
    1. Microsoft Internet Explorer 11 or newer;
    2. Google Chrome (latest);
    3. Mozilla Firefox (latest).

    When using mobile devices such as an iPhone or iPad, the supported browser is Safari with the version being iOS10 or newer. For Android, the version should be 5.x or newer. If not using the supported browsers, the contents of this Website may not be displayed properly.

  2. Severability
    In the event that any of provisions of this Terms of Use proves to be invalid or illegal, that shall not in no way affect, impair or invalidate any other provision, and all other provisions of this Agreement shall be in full force and effective.
  3. Governing Law
    This Terms of Use shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of Japan.
  4. Dispute Resolution
    All disputes and claims arising out of or relating to this Terms of Use and this Website shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Tokyo District Court.