Kaizer Ghidorah

This is the final and most powerful form of Monster X. Transformed in the midst of a fierce battle with Godzilla in GODZILLA FINAL WARS (2004), Monster X becomes Keizer Ghidorah. With a massive body, wings, four legs and enhanced powers, the creature attacks Godzilla with its Anti-gravity Destroyed Keizer Beams firing from all three heads. It carries Godzilla high into the atmosphere and sends it crashing back to Earth. Godzilla seems doomed when Keizer Ghidorah sinks its teeth into Godzilla to drain its life force. But the Earth Defense Forces ship Gotengo fires a Keizer Beam at Godzilla, flooding the Monster King with new energy. Godzilla counterattacks and Keizer Ghidorah finally falls in defeat.

Work appeared

Godzilla Final Wars

Height: 140 m
Weight: 100,000 t

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