Decimate Your Way to Colossal Victory in MONOPOLY®: GODZILLA Monster Edition and JENGA®: GODZILLA Extreme Edition – Available Now!

May. 26, 2020

You saw this coming from miles away! The city-stomping kaiju is back and leading the charge for you to stake claim of valuable properties in this nostalgic twist on your favorite board game. Join the ranks of gigantic monsters in attacking with reckless abandon and demolish your rivals in MONOPOLY®: GODZILLA Monster Edition, available now!

The universally known “King of the Monsters” welcomes domination of the board as players buy, sell, and trade geographic locations from the Japanese sci-fi franchise such as Monster Island, Goro’s Workshop, and Kitakami Lake to be the last one standing! Long anticipated by fans of GODZILLA film history that spans more than 60 years, the opportunity to take over islands, mountains, and bases is now in the hands of collectors and board game enthusiasts who will appreciate the retro look and feel of this Monopoly version’s components.

The game’s custom illustrated board shows Toho’s menacing monster towering buildings and chaos, reminding players to leave their opponents in the dust! Facilities and Bases replace the respective Houses and Hotels for players to increase the value of 22 spaces they will find underfoot the six custom-sculpted tokens inspired by the movies’ most popular characters: GODZILLA himself, Earth’s defender Mothra, the three-headed King Ghidorah, childlike Minilla, mechanical menace Mechagodzilla, and the supersonic terror of the skies Rodan.

Monster Island has taken over the customary Community Chest and Chance cards, now branded UNGCC (after the United Nations Godzilla Countermeasure Center) and GODZILLA Tower cards, as players will find their contents to either assist with or penalize their path to victory. GPN (Godzilla Prediction Network) and Anti-Megalosaurus Force provide the Utilities for players to own and collect payments, forcing others to fork over their custom Godzilla printed money.

Fearless enough to face the high-rise annihilator one on one? Get close and personal to save a multi-level structure from succumbing to his heat ray with JENGA®: GODZILLA Extreme Edition! But beware! This collectible version of the classic dexterity game now comes with a new twist that determines how you remove and replace the 54 hardwood blocks. GODZILLA approaches with each roll of a six-sided die, so construct with strategy and a steady hand before he reaches the “pull” levels that will topple your work in progress! The challenge begins by placing the custom 3D loading tray to put GODZILLA’s burning beam within your tower’s devastating reach.

Reintroduce yourself to the treachery outside with these officially licensed tributes to the ultimate metropolitan terrorizer. MONOPOLY®: GODZILLA Monster Edition is $39.99 and made for 2-6 players, ages 8 and up. JENGA®: GODZILLA Extreme Edition is for one or more players, ages 8 and up. Call your favorite local game store to order now or shop here at to have the seismic disruption delivered to your door before he’s contained!


Toho Company, Limited, is a Japanese entertainment studio focused on the development, production, exhibition, and distribution of powerful content for motion pictures, television, and theater. Founded in 1932, it remains a prominent force in bringing brands and original storytelling with versatile talents to audiences worldwide. Its subsidiaries include Toho Cinemas, the highest-grossing exhibition company in Japan.