Godzilla Gets Squishy With Squishmallows


Apr. 26, 2023

They’re cute, cuddly, and on sale now!

Collectors of all things cute and kaiju can rejoice as Godzilla, Mechagodzilla, Rodan, and Mothra have joined the adorable world of Squishmallows!

Inspired by their ionic on screen counterparts; Godzilla shows of its signature dorsal fins but with a cute toothy smile, Mothra flies in to save the day with its signature butterfly inspired wings and fuzzy accents, Mechagodzilla brings a softer touch to the on-screen metal with a metallic finished fabric, and Rodan’s wings of fire are toned down to an adorable miniature scale.  

These plush are marshmallow soft and feature the adorable looks fans of Squishmallows have come to love. 
Godzilla Squishmallows can be found at the following retailers: Claires, BoxLunch, and  FYE.