Godzilla Inspired Snacks and Food to Celebrate Godzilla Day!

Oct. 31, 2022

Satisfy your Godzilla Day cravings with these delicious themed foods! No matter if you are a long time fan or new, Godzilla snacks are the perfect way to enjoy celebrating the King of the Monsters birthday. From sweets to hot treats, the Godzilla.com team brings you some of our favorites for you to enjoy! 

FYE has your snack attack covered! 

Godzilla King of the Monsters Chocolate Mochi

Chocolate + Mochi + Godzilla = the best combination ever! Fans of all ages can enjoy this sweet treat, and they are perfect for sharing too! 

 Godzilla Carolina Reaper 1/2 Pound Chocolate Bar

Spicy meets Sweet in this massive 1/2 pound chocolate bar that is perfect for the King of the Monsters! But be warned this Carolina reaper infused candy will have you breathing out your very on Godzilla sized heat ray! 

Godzilla Ghost Pepper Ramen 5 Pack

Looking for more savory with your spice? Godzilla Ramen noodles have your back and can satisfy those late night cravings!

Godzilla Force of Nature Ghost Pepper Hot Sauce

Bring the heat to even more of your favorite dishes with this epic ghost pepper hot sauce!

Godzilla Blue Raspberry Energy Drink

Reawaken your inner kaiju with this Godzilla energy drink? Blue Raspberry flavored and ready to fuel your Godzilla movie marathon while you celebrate Godzilla Day!

Jade City returns with all new hot sauces! 

Godzillafoods.com and Jade City are unleashing an all new series of Godzilla inspired hot sauces that will make Godzilla’s Heat Ray look like a warm summer breeze! With heat levels topping the index at level 10, you can be sure that your favorite dishes will bring the spice and heat to your Godzilla Day dishes. 

If you are looking for more ready to go snack options then look no further than the new collection of salsa’s and are perfect for creating the ultimate Godzilla themed spread to celebrate with on November 3rd. 

Share your favorite Godzilla themed recipes and tag us @Godzilla_Toho on social media. Join the global Godzilla Day celebration on November 3rd with #GodzillaDay!