Godzilla, Mothra, Mechagodzilla… TOKYO SOS!


Mar. 13, 2023

Tokyo Needs Help… But From Who?

On March 22, “Godzilla: Tokyo SOS” will be making its U.S. theatrical debut in partnership with Fathom Events. To get fans ready to experience this one-night-only screening, we’re sharing some insights from the film, including what makes this Millennium era title a must-see. Don’t have your tickets yet? You can purchase them here

At the end of 2002’s “Godzilla Against Mechagodzilla,” Godzilla retreated into the ocean after a devastating battle with Mechagodzilla (aka Kiryu), seriously wounded and near-death. Mechagodzilla fared no better, though, as the marvelous machine built with the DNA of a Godzilla from 1954 was incapacitated and in need of serious repairs. Japan and the world could breathe a bit easier now that Godzilla had been defeated.

We now find that Mechagodzilla is undergoing those much-needed repairs and is modified to be even more powerful than before. Replacing its incredible Absolute Zero weapon (capable of deep-freezing its target) is a new, Triple Hyper Maser and other ordnance. Should Godzilla, or any monster for that matter, appear, Mechagodzilla would soon be ready to defend Japan once again. But there comes a warning from a very unlikely source: MOTHRA! 

Having not been seen since is devastating attack in 1961, Mothra appears with her twin priestesses who deliver a firm message… send Mechagodzilla to the bottom of the sea where the remains of the 1954 Godzilla can finally rest, or face the wrath of Mothra once again. Do this and Mothra will defend Japan should Godzilla appear once more. Ignore this and Mothra will ravage the country, leaving Mechagodzilla to fight two monsters.

There is little time to consider this proposition, though, as Godzilla returns! Horribly scarred from the last encounter with Mechagodzilla, there may be no stopping the monster this time. The time to act is now. But with three monsters waging war across Tokyo, will the city survive? It’s the 27th entry in the Godzilla film franchise (and the only one to be a continuation in the Millennium Era of films), a fan favorite, and it’s heading to your local theater this month!

Featured Godzilla: Tokyo SOS products

Pulled straight from the silver screen, these “Godzilla: Tokyo SOS” products will let you keep the movie magic happen even after the credits roll. 

Mondo’s premium scale status of Godzilla 

This limited edition statue recreates the final battle between Godzilla and Mothra’s Larvae in stunning detail! With interchangeable pieces to capture different moments in the battle Godzilla fends off the larvae with a fierce heat ray blast before one latches on to Godzilla’s tale! 

With expected ship dates of May 2023, this statue is available now for pre-orders through Mondo

Tamashii Nations Soul of Chogokin Die-Cast Mechagodzilla – GX-103 Type-3: Multi Purpose Fighting System Kiryu 

From the prequel film to “Godzilla: Tokyo SOS,” the team at Tamashii Nations has painstakingly recreated the iconic Type-3 Kiryu Mechagodzilla. Standing at over 9 inches tall and with a light up/color changing Absolute Zero chest piece, this figure brings one of Godzilla’s biggest battles into your own collection! Swap out the battle damage pieces to showcase the toll Godzilla has taken on Kiryu leading fans up to the moments of “Godzilla: Tokyo SOS.” 

Ready to ship in July 2023 and available for pre-orders now

Build your own Kiryu with Heavy Armor 

Inspired by the re-reacted Type-3 Kiryu from “Godzilla: Tokyo SOS,” this Aoshima model kit brings movie accurate Mechagodzilla into your own home! Once completed this kit measures in at 9.5 inches tall and comes with multiple points of articulation as well as accessories to get ready for battle. 

Order yours today at Entertainment Earth and Big Bad Toy Store