Sip in Style with the Godzilla ’74 Tiki Mug from Mondo

Nov. 24, 2020

Rising from the waves off the Tokyo coast is pop culture’s preeminent prehistoric powerhouse itself, the gargantuan GODZILLA. In tribute to nearly seven decades of reptilian wrath, artists Hector Arce, Mikey Bonanno and Tufan Sezer have tiki-fied cinema’s most iconic monster for the first time EVER, circa its appearance in the battle-heavy, blood-soaked 1974 fan favorite GODZILLA VS. MECHAGODZILLA.

Perched upon a raging Pacific ocean and ready to annihilate its destructive digital doppelganger (while also providing you with monstrous refreshment), the GODZILLA ’74 Tiki Mug is a monumental masterwork of dinosaur drinkware.

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